What are your operating hours?

 Mon-Fri 12p-9p  Saturday 10a-6p  Closed Sunday

How many cages do you have?

We have four cages and two stalls

What in the heck is a stall?

It is small, only designed for soft toss or tee work.  It sounded better to call it that than a tiny cage

Can I hit real baseballs in the stalls?

We tried that initially, but it just didn't seem safe enough.  We have switched to a variety of different training balls which are actually pretty cool.  We have heavy balls, foam balls, electric balls, and smush balls to give your ballplayer some different training tools to work with

You said small.  How small?  Are all your cages small?

The stalls are 16 feet.  Cages 1 & 2 are 35 feet.  Cages 3 & 4 are 55 feet

Do you sell baseball equipment?

Some.  We are a small, mom and pop type joint.  We carry some pretty awesome youth wood bats from Homewood Bat Company.  No gloves, name brand bats, or expensive gear, however.  Those products are better suited to big box retailers.  We carry things you can use at super affordable prices, though.  Check it out


Are these cages designed specifically for youth baseball?

Nope.  Although we cater to the youth baseball market, we welcome anyone who wants to come get a few swings in.   If you're a fat guy who plays softball, we've got room for you.  And you can get ice cream after


Is this a state of the art facility?

Not at all.  It was built on the labor of a bunch of friends who love baseball.  There are no bells or whistles.   We are more like the gym Rocky trained in with Mickey instead of the fancy one with Apollo Creed   

Do you have pitching machines?

Cages 3 and 4 have pitching machines.  They are very user friendly and easy to operate.   We also have radar guns if you want to check bat or throwing velocity.  Please ask at the front counter to use a gun at no charge

I clicked on that blue button that says "Let's Chat".  No one chatted with me.  What's up with that?

Yeah, that button came with the website template.  We can't figure out how to either use it or get rid of it.  Anything with a happy smiling face, though, can't be all bad.  If you really feel the need to communicate, please email, we'll answer!

Okay, what's your email address?

thunderdome@theplate.com.  That's the best one for general inquiries.  We like to discuss literature, film, Mesopotamian architecture, and exchange holiday cookie recipes.  You can ask baseball questions, too