We have a lot of walls that need attention.  We were going to paint but as we stared at those concrete walls - it didn't look like a lot of fun.  And kind of expensive, too.  We feel a better solution is to hang up a bunch of stuff.  Baseball stuff.  


Please bring in your team banners, posters, signs, pictures, etc.  We will hang them.  No matter if it's club ball, little league, softball, or whatever.   If you have something laying around in your garage that will never see the light of day - bring it by! 


Furthermore, we will accept donations for used baseball and softball equipment.  Our hope is to start an instant replay showroom where we resell donated equipment to families that might not want to spend $300 bucks at Dick's.  All proceeds from resold items will be donated to our local little leagues.  We think this is a decent set up - we offer an avenue to get rid of those old spikes, bats, and gloves where you are helping other baseball families.  We simply want to do our small part to assist in growing this game.  Anything we can do to help get kids off their ipads and cellphones and  be active and enjoy America's pastime is a win.