Don't be that dad (or mom).  Baseball is tough - the best hitters fail seven out of ten times.  We all know this, yet we expect our kids to be successful EVERY time.  

It won't happen.  Our kids will strike out, pop out, hit dribblers, etc.  They will boot grounders, they will make wild throws, they will get confused and make bad decisions.  

They are eight.  Or nine.  Or maybe ten, eleven, or twelve.  No matter the age, they are kids.

So back to the original comment.  Don't be the parent that shows your irritation or disappointment when your kid doesn't succeed. It isn't a reflection on you if your kid strikes out.  As long as he or she is hustling and giving every effort, that is all you can ask.  


Your kid wants to please YOU as much as anything.  They see your body language when they fail.  Their disappointment in themselves grows exponentially when they also know you are disappointed in them too.  


Don't do that to your kid.



Sportsmanship.  It is a word that is thrown around often, yet rarely understood.  Well, that's not entirely fair.  Some get it, however most don't.  

To start - let's break down the word.  SPORT.  The act of engaging in a physical game or activity.  MAN.  A guy.  That dude standing right over there.  SHIP.  A vessel that sails the sea carrying pirates and such.  So when you put them all together... I have no idea what it means.  But I do know that the fat guy sitting in the bleachers screaming at the umpire because his kid just got struck out on a low pitch doesn't know either. 

We all have that guy on our team.  One of the dad's that can't help himself but act the fool.  Go ahead, think about it.  You know which dad it is.  If you don't, well, then that dad is probably you.  So stop it.  Set an example for the kids.  


It's okay to lose your crap once in a blue moon.  Hey, we're all human and let our tempers flare.  But it shouldn't be often.  It shouldn't even be occasionally.  Win with honor, lose with grace.  I just made that up and I think it sounds pretty cool.  I might make a t-shirt out of that or something.  


Teach your kid that.  He'll be better for it.  Then buy the t-shirt I'm selling.



I've been thinking a lot lately about eggs.  There are so many ways to eat them; hard boiled, soft boiled, basted, over easy, sunny side up, over hard, benedict, hollandaise, scrambled, quiche, omelette, deviled, poached.  Probably others, but this is what comes to mind.  

Eggs make mayo which tastes delicious on my sandwich.  They sometimes wind up in my face.  My grandpa used to crack them in his beer.  Eggs look wonderful colored all pretty in my Easter basket.   They were always fun to throw at the mean neighbors house.


If you want a real treat, try cracking them on the hood of your car on a super hot summer day.  They cook up real nice and with a little salt and pepper - delicious! 

But the best way to use an egg?  Soft hands drill.  Flip an egg back and forth with your ballplayer and make sure it doesn't crack.  And if it does - do it over a blazing hot sidewalk so your ballplayers cement hands will at least get your breakfast